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The face paint stick, is made of fat, is very durable and is easily to wash with make up remover or soap. A set of products of excellent quality and smooth texture, suitable from 3 years of age. The makeup is made with cosmetic pigments of high hiding power. How to use: 1. From light to dark We recommend you start with lighter colours and keep adding darker tones. If you are using a dark base layer, make sure not to fill in the areas where you want to apply light colours. 2. Glitter Fantasy or festive motifs, stars or robots created with make-up, become even more spectacular when enhanced by areas covered in glitter. The glitter must be applied when the make-up is still wet to ensure it stays in place. Washing Method Clothes: at 40?C on a medium-wash cycle with no pre-wash. The use of soap containing high levels of tensoactive agents is not recommended. Furniture: clean with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Skin: remove the thick layer of make-up with cellulose paper and then clean with soap and water or make-up remover. ? About JOVI JOVI is a Spanish manufacturing company, specialized in the manufacture of products for the promotion and development of art education. With over 75 years of experience, JOVI is a world leader in its sector, present in over 80 countries.